Ghetto Dubz Vol 2

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Team Ghetto Dub present their second ‘Ghetto Dubz’ VA, bursting with DnB talent, coming to both vinyl and digital formats

The Ghetto Dub label has played host to some of the finest and the newest talent in the world of DnB. This is the second GD release to get a vinyl as well as digital offering. As for the tracks, they are impeccable. Take the rolling frequencies of Aries ‘Pre-Rolled’, the dark 95′ style Ragga Junglism of Java ‘Screwface;, the raw bass dynamics of Veak @Lawd A Mercy’ and the intricate Techstep of X E Dos ‘Feel For Me;

This comp is quite literally filled with bangers! Bangers like the vicious and unique bassline rumble of Kumarachi & Veak ‘Chrome Siren’, the murky mash it up vibes of Symptom ‘Come Mash Up’, the dubwise amen skank of Galvatron ‘Buss Up Shot’ and the Fear inducing dark jungle/techstep barrage of SR ‘Special Ops VIP.’

Also included is the massive, Landlord riff tastic’Outlandish’ by Vinyl Junkie & Sanxion, the mentasm blast of Jaguar Paw ‘Nastya’, the icey atmos of Subcriminal ‘Cold As Ice’, Jay Aftermath’s militant slammer ‘The Jungle’, Dublic & Luk Peers’ oldskool themed amen roller ‘Memories’ and countless bangers from  Crisis & Ikon B, Vytol & Megatron MC, Flat T, Redline, Conrad Subs, Octo Pi, Kickback, Sanz, Jinx, K Jah, DJ QT, Bill & Ed, Secure Unit, Mad Vibes, Rachael E.C and more!

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