Ghetto Funk – Icons Vol 5

Over the last few years, Ghetto Funk has released a selection of very special remixes over the Christmas period to make up their mind-blowing ‘Icons’ album series. The title of the album series could not be more perfect, as each and every one of the previous 61 tracks is a remix of iconic pieces music by some of the most iconic names in the world of music, past and present and here to add another 4 tracks to the already stunning collection is volume 5!

As with all of tracks released, the remixes that find there way onto an ‘Icons’ album are always sought after tunes. There the kind of tracks that stand out in a set or a mix and after hearing them, all you want to do is own them and the case is no different here with the 4 gems Ghetto Funk have for us on vol 5.

Opening things up is none other than the Stanton Warriors, who put their signature Breaks stamp on a classy remix of Orbital’s ‘Chime’. The Captain & Goodgroove are next up with super funky and highly addictive remix of Rolling Stones ‘Sympathy For The Devil’WBBL’s insane Glitch Hop spin on Red Hot Chilli Peppers ‘Can’t Stop’ has been one of his most requested tunes ever and know it’s all yours! Ending this epic selection is Dancefloor Outlaws, who bring things to a close in a blaze of glory with a Drum n Bass remix of ‘Vocab’ by the Fugees.

All the remixers that have contributed to this incredible collection of music so far, are themselves iconic names, especially when it comes to the Ghetto Funk/Nufunk sound. There’s simply too many names to mention, but if you’re a lover of the kind of music in question, all the big names you know and love feature in the ‘Icons’ back catalog and if you’ve never had the pleasure to check it out, hit the Bandcamp link below and prepare for a sensory overload!


Download ‘Icons Vol 5’ for free or pay what you like here from Bandcamp.


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