GLOWKiD pres. The Generation X Crew

GLOWKiD Presents ‘The Generation X Crew’, a brand new compilation showcasing the sound of Breakbeat and 4×4 Hardcore in 2020

Introduced by GLOWKID himself, this packed album released digitally through Intensive Recordings kicks off with some quirky, stabby action in Orestiz ‘Sucks 2 B U’ followed by Damage Inc’s bass weighted, rave piano loaded interpretation of a Monsta Boy UKG anthem ‘Sorry Riddim’

Intensive boss, Nefti turns up the dial with the stompy, uplifting hand raiser ‘U Turn Me On’ for the Hardcore Breaks massive. Insane & Mind turn up the heat with 94 Hardcore roller ‘This Way’, a hip shaking 4×4/amen Slammer!

Japan’s Amaretto makes the ‘Floor Shake’ with Italo piano, rolling amens and late 90s Hardcore dreamy riffs. Monks & Mort get busy with the hoover stabs on the rocket strapped ‘Wonderful’

TNO Project dazzles with another unique take on the rave sound ‘Inside Ma Head’ where off kilter FX meet TNO’s patented dark, soulful soundscape. Spiral S wants us to ‘Rave 4 Life’ with the ultra energetic, super emotive beats of their track by the same name.

Yudaidhun takes us back to 96 with some gorgeous piano, chipmunk vox and mid 90s Happy Hardcore stab patterns. Schnez gets raw to the core with chunky amens and a mixture of House music and Breakbeat Hardcore on ‘Ricochet’

Beats Are Broken serves up a booty shakin’ rave salad of cut up vocals, 90s style riffs and bulldozer breaks. Amiga Breaks invites us to ‘Get Busy’ with the purest of amen driven Hardcore/Jungle Tekno full of warm drops and super lush keys.

For the DnB crew, Vitality reworks Neftu’s ‘Music Takes Me Higher’ into a stadium worthy smasher with Prodigy influenced strings and some seriously epic atmosphere. Paul Cronin & GLOWKID team up to close out the album with a barrage of stabs, rave MC call and response shout outs, bubbling acid and a truck load more!

You can buy CD copies of the album here and/or Pre-Order on Beatport

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