Good 2Bad And Hugly-Ruff Kut Re-Issue V4

Good 2Bad And Hugly-Ruff Kut Re-Issue V4

Good 2Bad And Hugly presents ‘Ruff Kut Re-Issue V4’, a journey back to 1994 with 6 seriously good slices of Hardcore Jungle history!!!

‘Junglist Explorers Remix’ connects with an explosive and combustible amen break, B Boy style stabs and dynamic FX that give the tune a cool car chase atmosphere. The subs are nice and heavy with a rawness that adds to the vibe as does the spooky interlude and Octamed style vocal samples. A gem from the golden era that sounds so new you could play it in a set today and listeners would think it is a 2021 tune.

‘Make Some Hardcore Noise’ has a transitory feel as if 93 Darkcore bled into 1994 Jungle in the space of one funky and experimental tune. Similar in tone to ‘The Dark Stranger’, there is a self aware vibe to the horror samples along with some amazing drum programming, a hallmark of the highly original and never repeated 1993 sound.

‘Streetlovin’ will mess with your head in a good way!!! The trippy spoken word sample (sounds like Noam Chomsky)and complex pitched up and stretched breaks coupled with the deep, floaty chords are immersive and engaging. Its deep but you definitely dance to it!

For lovers of that atmospheric Bukem style, ‘Foot Stomper’ is a real treat with sweeping chords and ambient sounds contrasted by heavy duty beats and booming bass. There is a sense of optimism and hope in the ethereal uplifting chords that show a different side to the Jungle sound.

‘Touch Of Jazz’ employs a weighty Think break with double bass, Jazzy keys and Horns for a nice deep groover of a tune supplemented nicely with Rhodes style keys. The track morphes into a super Deep slice of Junglism with flutes towards the end. Quite literally music for the mind, body and soul.

‘You Make Me Feel’ is a dark DnB gem with menacing riffs for the Metalheadz lovers!!! The urgency is palpable as is the energy. The music twists and turns with loads of key changes and a wide variety of sounds from 303s to Loletta Holloway’s powerful voice all in fiery tandem!

So there you have it, another essential piece of rave history that you need to hear! Grab your copy on 02/06/21

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