Good 2Bad And Hugly – Ruff Kut Reissue Vol. 3

Good 2Bad And Hugly presents ‘Ruff Kut Reissue Vol. 3’ 4 tracks of 92-93 Hardcore for the serious ravers!!

Some called it Hardcore, some called it Jungle Tekno. For those who know there is no mistaking the distinct sound of these underground rave gems by Good 2Bad And Hugly. ‘A Fist Full of Dollars’ features a replayed version of the opening notes to Ennio Morricone’s ‘La Resa Dei Conti’ (long before 187 Lockdown ‘Gunman’). The spaghetti western inspired sounds form part of an Ibiza Recs style track that makes us want to get up and rave around the LSM office!

‘Jungle’ sounds early to mid 92 with Hip Hop samples, Soul vocals, crisp drumbeats and lots of cool bleeps in a manner not dissimilar to early Foul Play.

Things take a dark turn on ‘The Fantasy (Darker Mix)’ which we are sure we’ve heard in a DJ Tango (RIP) set. The early ‘darkcore’ sound is very much present with the timestretched breaks and those popular dark riffs of the time. We love the clever manipulation of the ‘fantasy’ vocal and a Luke Skywalker sample towards the end gives this track an added boost of quirk and originality.

The Star Wars theme continues on late 93 sounding ‘Give Yourself to the Darkside.’ This proto Jungle sound for our money was one of the most original phases of the Hardcore continuum. Yes, there’s a Darth Vader sample in there along with a whole load of great samples that emphasise the tongue in cheek darkness of this era.

Oldskool Hardcore tends to self sustain itself through vinyl represses but the good thing about this EP is its digital making it affordable and easily accessible to digital buyers and DJs. We urge you to support this slice of Hardcore history with a fistfull of your own digital dollars!!!



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