Gramophone Soul – Unwind Yourself EP (Cuttin’ It Fine)

It appears we’re a little late to the party because Gramophone Soul‘s debut EP ‘Unwind Yourself’ on Cuttin’ It Fine Records has already blasted its way the number one slot on Juno’s Breakbeat chart! We’re very sure it’s gonna stay there for a while too because the four Funky Breaks tracks onboard his new EP really are straight out of the top-drawer and they also demonstrate just how bang on form the Irish producer is right now!

Flying out of the blocks comes the first track ‘Can You Dig It’ and the answer to that is, yes we can! It’s a full-on midtempo Breaks joint that slam dunks the funk and features a prominent K7 sample, which ’90s heads will pick up on instantly. ‘Dope Shit’ is another fine piece of sampling from the main man and although the intensity level is dropped compared to the first track, the beats are crunchy and the soulful twist is a pleasure to the ear.

‘The Get Up’ is by far and away the slickest track on the EP thanks to funky guitar licks, horns aplenty and a groove that’s just gonna make you move, so don’t even try to stop it! The title track of the EP is where we end and what a fine ending to this funky journey it is. The familiar sax sample will not go unnoticed and neither will the funky beats and general old skool feel of a true party rocker. As far as debuts and debut EP’s go, Gramophone Soul has smashed it!


Buy Gramophone Soul’s ‘Unwind Yourself’ EP here on Juno.


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