Groove Committee- Dirty Games (K69 & Dancing Divaz 2018 Rework)

K69 & Dancing Divaz rework the 1992 House classic, Groove Committee ‘Dirty Games’ and you need this remix in your life!

26 years on, Victor Simonelli aka Groove Committee gets the remix treatment from the brilliant K69 and Dancing Divaz aka Dream Frequency (Feel So Real, Take Me To The Top, Moog Addiction). The remix is faithful yet fresh, a bumpy groove pulled straight from 1992.

The piano lead on this remix will knock you off your feet! Then you will get up and immediately start dancing! As House music approaches a half century of existence, timeless sounds like the sound of this ‘Dirty Games’ rework still sound amazing. Rooted in the oldskool but it sounds like it was made yesterday. With the unmistakable vocals of 1983 soul song ‘Who Needs Enemies’, this track will lift you off your feet and you won’t want to get down again!

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