Guau – Utopia Mix

Featuring two tracks from his new Utopia EP, Guau’s new breaks mix is, on the face of it, a promo mix for that very EP, but let it play out and it’ll soon become clear that you’re in the midst of something a little bit special. Built around a sound that brings an immense amount of positivity, warmth and bass, Guau’s deep and immersive mix features an inspired selection of tracks that will have you under their spell and as far away from reality as you can possibly get in no time at all! Things begin with the title track of his new EP and from there the tone is set and onward you must go. The second track from Guau’s EP can also be heard further into his mix and should you enjoy them both enough to buy them, you can do just that by Clicking Here. Now, get yourselves comfy because giving this mix your full attention will see you reap all the rewards.

Links for GUAU :

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00:00 Guau – Utopia
04:27 Tal Fussman – Truth
08:30 Coloray – Broke Mirrors (Baril Remix)
12:00 AHJU – Cause I (Maruwa Remix)
15:18 Guau – Miracle
19:06 Lawrence Hart & Ryan Winters – Ldn Vbz
21:44 Kostas G – Escapism
25:40 Choopsie – Don’t Let Me Down
29:45 Scuba – Forgive Me (Dj Clea Remix)
33:36 Yo Speed – Negro
38:09 Raxon – Input Robot
42:12 – Rules Don’t Apply – Snowfall (Justin Martin Remix)

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