Happiness – Made For The Dance Floor (Ken@Work)

Australian producer Ken@Work is something of an enigmatic character, but a couple of things that are not too hard to work out after a listen to his music on his Soundcloud page are that he loves a bit of Disco and he loves a good rework of some stone-cold classics of old and of the future.

One future classic he got to work on fairly recently was Chaka Khan‘s stunning ‘Hello Happiness’ and although I do love the original, I have to admit to preferring Ken@Work’s version, purely because of the irresistible groove he has dialled into it! I mean if this one doesn’t get you strutting around the place with the biggest of grins on your face then I’m not sure what will. Say hello to happiness by giving it a listen and then grab your free copy!


Download the free track here on Hypeddit.


Links for Ken@Work :


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