Happy Clappers – I Believe (Luke Davidson & Loyd Howes Bootleg)

English producer Luke Davidson has been kickin’ it in the House scene for a few years now, whereas Scottish producer Loyd Howes has made his way onto the scene within the last year or so. As solo producers, they’ve decided to stop, collaborate with production, and release this extremely tasty bootleg of Happy Clappers huge gospel House anthem ‘I Beleive’ that was released in 1993! I’m not gonna lie, that makes me feel a tad old and I’m sure it will some of you too but be rest assured, once Luke and Loyd’s modern groove takes to the airwaves, your dancing feet will soon have a new lease of life! Banger alert!

Luke and Loyd’s bootleg is one of the more recent free downloads from the mighty Data Transmission and what those guys don’t know about music ain’t worth knowing! Check all of the other free tracks on their Soundcloud page HERE.


Download Luke Davidson & Loyd Howes bootleg here on Hypeddit.


Links for Luke Davidson :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Spotify


Links for Loyd Howes :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Instagram

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