Haring’s latest album is the product of experiences touring the globe translated into reach and thoughtful sounds

Warming up with the dreamworld weightlessness of ‘Ensemble’, the album steers into a heartfelt melancholy on ‘Meanings’ before a superlunary shuffle and soothing strings of ‘Exhale.’

Marc Melià provides vocals in vocoder style for the meditative groove of ‘Eternity’ that precedes the soaring sonics and alluring pads of ‘Curves.’

‘Disappearing’ will haunt you at night with super retro piano. On the flipside, the melodic techno of ‘Community’ is a positive uplift. Haring transitions into a deep house groove that pleases on ‘Rare Moments’ then closes with the poignant ‘No Shadow Without Light’ and ‘Shimmer.’

Haring makes music for inquiring minds and sensitive souls with a depth not often heard in electronic dance music.

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