Haze n’ Fader-Amen To That EP [Kniteforce White]

Haze n’ Fader pay tribute to the Winston Bros with an EP of piano laden Breakbeat Hardcore in a variety of tempos.

‘Falling Down’ revisits the happy days of 1992 with a varied tune full of switch ups and plenty of original touches such as the dreamy vocal section for starters. ‘Only One’ goes full on Asylum era Vibes & Wishdokta with a super familiar R&B vocal and clean sub heavy 93 Hardcore Junglistic done to the letter, its the ravers choice for sure!!!

‘I Still Have A Dream’ is peak mid 90s Kniteforce with Force & The Evolution style piano and crazy hoovers set to soaring amens and bumpy kicks. ‘Highest Love’ slows it down to 91/92 BPMs with a Whitney Houston style vocal, definitive anthemic rave keys and breezy¬†arpeggiated chords that carry you away.

‘Bad Bad’ amps up the melodic uplifting keys with neat cut up vox (I got a bad bad habit, baby) and lullaby style strings plus scatterings of 95′ hardcore riffage. (Think Jimmy J & Cru L T) ‘One More Time’ mixes up some more staple rave vox, intricate piano riffs and sections of dark rave straight from a tower block in 1991 as if we were there all over again.

‘Bring Me Joy’ takes a detour into 90/91 Italo Rave/Hardcore House (or AceMo style 2020 rave) with spiritual soul vocals and a musical backdrop of pure, innocent happiness from happier times. ‘Dream Catchers’ rounds up the EP with a hyper speed blend of 303s, KF patented piano and mischievous rave riffery to bring you up, up and higher than high!!!

Keep in mind, this EPis a ltd vinyl release, has 8 downloadable tracks (when you buy the vinyl) for the first week ONLY. 4 tracks the second week so be quick!!! Due for release this month. Head to the Kniteforce Revolution site and sign up to stay updated.


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