HEAVY SYSTEMs Inc -The Faceless EP

HEAVY SYSTEMs Inc showcase progressive rave music on The Faceless EP

First up, ‘The First Order’ opens with dreamy chords and a heavy Erik B & Rakim break followed by staggered, jumping stabs and dubby bass, mentasms for a real authentic 91/92 feel to kick up some serious dust!

‘Don’t Stop’ continues the 92 Amiga Rave vibe with a busy, constantly shifting array of keys, hoovers, 8 bit game music and R&B all mashed up into a ridiculously catchy hardcore/jungle tekno rave bomb!

‘Art Of Hard Breaks’ piles on a dizzying pile of classic breaks right from the first few seconds before going in hard with a hoover assault plus a bit of Japanese style game soundtrack and sped up Northern Soul all in the blender of brilliance

‘Moonlighting Raver’ makes a tasty rave ramen out of old soul and disco, dreamy House music keys and soothing melodies with bumpy broken beats. Lo Fi hardcore at its most inventive and addictive

Another fine addition to this latest series of kniteforce releases

Pre Sale begins 27 01 2020
More info here Kniteforce Revolution
And Here Kniteforce UK Bandcamp Store

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