Hexadecimal – Bass Bombs EP (Phreak Recordings)

Since joining Twitch in the early days of the pandemic, Hexadecimal has found himself so inspired by the love and support from his many followers, he couldn’t help but get back to making more of those dancefloor-exciting bangers we know and love him for. While most of the music released has seen him stick firmly to his Breakbeat roots, he has released a brand new Bass House EP on Phreak Recordings which could well be the heaviest and filthiest music he has released to date!

Bass Bombs is the title of Hexadecimal’s new EP and bass bombs are exactly what you’re going to get! Opening with the ferocious, eye-rattling and rave-tinged Bass Bomb, we’re then hit with the high-octane, peak-time party weapon Back To Front. With no time to catch a breath, Fuck That rocks up with a crisp exterior that’s soon shattered by the intense bassline. The final track Numb will leave you feeling nothing like its title and if anything, the epic feel of this one will have buzzing hard while you go toe-to-toe with it on the floor!

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