Hexadecimal & Kurnel MC – Funk Fam Part 1

The Global Funk Fam is an online community of like-minded music lovers who have chosen Twitch and the amazing DJs on it as a means of getting through this truly bonkers time we all find ourselves going through right now. Included in the community are a broad church of DJs who often jump on Twitch and light up our screens and speakers with sets you’d expect and sets you might not expect. When they’re not playing, the likes of Hong Kong Ping Pong, B-Side, DJP, SuckaTimmy, Crash PartyMini Da Minx, Madame Electrifie, X-Ray Ted, Bubaking/Bubcave, ZeFunkinEnglish, Chad Fox and many others can be found hanging in the chatroom with the other important piece of the GFF jigsaw, the fans! I have spent many hours over on Twitch myself with the GFF and there’s no getting away from the fact that buzz everyone brings to the live stream shows have got me through this bloody pandemic!

Two bonafide members of the Global Funk Fam – Hexadecimal and Kurnel MC – have been so inspired by the togetherness and comradery shown by the worldwide collective, they decided to make a track dedicated to them. On production is Hexadecimal and he lays down a slab of 130pbm Breakbeat that’s fuelled by peak-time energy and filthy bass while the Kurnel chips in with his always slick and on point rhymes that on this occasion, reference many of the DJs from the GFF and lots of niche elements from the Twitch experience. Even if you’re not into live streaming, ‘Funk Fam’ still offers plenty of bang for the buck, so if you can, get your copy on the link below.

While Hexadecimal is in the conversation, it’s well worth pointing out that next weekend – 22nd – 26th April – he will be returning with his Global Breaks Festival 3.0 which is now bigger than ever before! Over 70 artists will be streaming non-stop for over 90+ hours live and direct to your living rooms or Bluetooth speakers if you happen to be outside enjoying the sunshine somewhere. For all the info and to see just how many legends of the scene are taking part, Click Here.


Buy ‘Funk Fam’ here on Bandcamp.


Links for Hexadecimal :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Bandcamp / Twitch


Links for Kurnel MC :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Twitter / Instagram

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