High Rankin – Rebel Without Applause

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In this brave new world of soundcloud and digital downloads the two letters EP have come to signify more often than not a random collection of tunes off a producers hard drive that didn’t make it into a compilation or single release. This latest five track offering from scene stalwart High Rankin however certainly doesn’t feel like a collection of individual tracks and has enough structure and flow to warrant treating it as a mini album.

Opening with an alternating duo of operatic synth lines and hardcore drum and bass rhythms the stage is set for the haunting vocal samples of ‘Babylon’ which once again intersperses frenetic beats with thoughtful pauses and has the listener perfectly set for the rinse outs that follow.

By the time we get to track 3 the darker opening moments are starting to give way replaced with soulful vocals courtesy of the talented Tigerlight and uplifting synth melodies which are pure vintage rave a la 90’s era Ratpack. The same vibe permeates the final two tracks Paul McLaney subbing in for Tigerlight on ‘The Eye’ with what could only be described as ‘Indie Male Vocals’.

All up this is well worth the download and will work equally well whether as a headphone stroller, a car stereo gee up on the way to a party or dropped into a set at the party itself.



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