Highly Anticipated Vol 3 [Highly Swung]

Get ready for ‘Highly Anticipated Vol 3’, the latest VA from premiere Garage/UKG/Bass/Garage House imprint Highly Swung

Highly Swung presents a third VA in the ‘Highly Anticipated’ series featuring a roll call of new talent and legends over 14 tracks. Classic Garage, Garage House, UKG, 2 Step, Bass, 4×4, it’s all here representing the entire spectrum of the scene in fine fashion.

For golden era UKG, check B1G PR0J3CT ft MC Creed ‘Back In Time’, a smooth as silk stepper with legendary vocals and a super-sweet vocal that absolutely screams ‘pure garage’ from every kick

Staying on the 2 Step tip, Blasta & MC Bushkin ‘Lovin this Style’ is a modern take on the sound with shades of MJ Cole and a Ragga-fied feel from the hype the crowd lyrics. File under future anthem!

Pushing out the boundaries of UKG with a blend of Future Bass, DJ 10SION ‘On Me’ is an exquisite skanker with tight beats, dreamy keys, deep subs and infectious cut up vox.

Impact & Tigs mix up Bass, 2 Step, 8 Bit Game sounds and Middle Eastern fusion for the dangerously funky ‘Snake Charmer’, a tune that progresses into an all out one foot skank with shades of the early 00’s sound a la Deekline

We roll back into 4×4 mode for Influenced Badly ‘1V2’ where more dark basslines can be found on display, a hint of jungle, a touch of rave and intermittent shots of wall stripping tech bass and super-deep, ultra-deadly subs!

The crossover potential is massive on In-Soul ‘I Don’t Think You’re Ready’, a lush R&B style stepper, crafted in the vision of golden era vocal UKG. Insert between Artful Dodger, Doolally, Shanks & Bigfoot and countless other stylistic genre classics

For the Garage House lovers, MiB ‘Break it Down (Solution Dub)’ has Rhodes for days! Summer mode is on all year round for this bouncy, joyous Tuff Jam inspired chugger

The Original “Break it Down” was the very1st release on Highly Swung Records back in 2015 by Marvel, Impact, and Biffa D and this previously unreleased remix is finally being revealed as a HAV3 bonus

Forget Hobbs & Shaw, if you want real fast and furious, Mikey Smith’s techy tinged ‘Test Press 11’ is absolutely relentless with fun Ragga vocals and bass squidgier than play dough!

More uptempo chugginess up next with MPH ‘Bliss’, a tune with a name that says it all! The beats are paced and weighty, the melodies 100% bliss! A nice blend of jazzy vibes and fast 4×4 riddims

A call to action from On1, ‘Bounce’ leads with dubby horns and powerful strings before letting the bass hounds loose for an absolute rampage!

One Dark Martian stays absolutely unique and original with the vocoder vocals and 80s influences of ‘Through With You’, a truly amazing jam that combines New Romantic pop vibes with the warm kicks and winding basslines of Garage

It’s time to embrace the darkness for Rude Boi Brand ‘Kommon Enemy’ where diced vox melt into schizophrenic basslines and skittish, bumping beats!

Genre boundaries are obliterated for Shadow of Light ‘1,2,3,4, Hey!’, a perfect fusion of dreamy soul, militant breakbeat and unrelentingly dirty bass!

In closing, the pounding combo of Drill/Grime & Garage that is Zemon feat MC Blenda ‘Blendshot’ is a recipe for twisted antics at the rave with warped riffs, punishing yet pleasing kicks and off-kilter drops.

Highly Anticipated Vol 3 showcases the very best 2019 Garage has to offer in it’s many shades and ever evolving trends. Enjoy 14 reasons why Garage is still utterly relevant and ahead of the game!

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