Hippo Sound System – Music For Your Mind EP

After plenty of hard work behind the scenes, DJ Hiphoppapotamus is proud to present the first batch of music from his newly-formed Hippo Sound System collective with their Drum n Bass led Music For Your Mind EP.

Made up of producers, musicians and vocalists from all around the world, The Hippo Sound System collective fuse together a wide range of influences and with a generous pinch of sound system culture, they’re going to create music that in their own words will “enrich the mind, body and soul” and that’s exactly what you’re getting on their three-track EP.

The infectious title track is our starting point and a classic DnB beat is blended with East African grooves and features legendary DnB MC Spyda, Ghanaian powerhouse K.O.G and Jamaican rapper Franz Von, who all come together to set the tone of this ‘good vibes only’ EP perfectly. K.O.G and Franz Von both feature on the second track Love Goes Where Love Is and lay down positive messages on a percussive Jungle track that features a sparkling guitar hook and even more uplifting vibes. The final track Into The Jungle is the collectives tribute to the legendary Cameroonian write and composer Francis Bebey. This hypnotic and psychedelic Jungle track drags you in deeper every step of the way thanks to its deep tribal groove and when your journey is complete with this one, you’ll not quite know where you are or how you got there, but you will know you need to go on that trip again and again!

After this introduction as to what the Hippo Sound System collective are all about, we can’t wait to hear more!


Download Into The Jungle for free here // Buy the other tracks here on Bandcamp

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