Hoglodytes – Peace Soup EP (Jalapeno Records)

The Hoglodytes is the unlikely pairing of Woolacombe Bay beatmakers Chubb Nice and Vinyl Peasant and Brooklyn based emcee/DJ Emskee. Back in 2012 when Chubb Nice booked Emskee for a UK DJ tour, they found they had plenty of downtime on their hands between shows and decided to put that downtime to good use and there their Peace Soup EP was born. Such was the quality and infectious nature of the ’90s influenced Hip Hop tracks on their EP, they soon had a knock at the door from Jalapeno Records, who then snapped it up and released it digitally and on 12″ vinyl.

Thought to have been sold out, it was while the Jalapeno team were having a tidy up of their HQ that they stumbled upon a box full of 12″ vinyl copies of the Hoglodytes EP! The chance discovery is an exciting one for many including ourselves because it had avoided our radar, as it might have done for fellow Hip Hop heads also. It’ll be the vinyl collectors who will be most excited about the news though, especially those who thought they had missed out on the Hip Hop treats the first time around but now actually haven’t!

Even though a 2012 release, the Hogolodytes conjured up a quartet of tracks that have clearly stood the test of time and will still sound fresh in any Hip Hop set today. If you’re can, go and get em!


Buy all of the music here on Bandcamp.


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