Hong Kong Ping Pong – Leopallooza 2018 Mixtape

Hong Kong Ping Pong have put together this massive ‘Leopallooza 2018 Mixtape’ ahead of the Leopallooza festival that kicks off next weekend (27th July) in Cornwall. Every one of the 35 tracks featured on this mixtape comes from artists who’ll be appearing at the festival over the 3 days it’s being held and not only will they be appearing at the festival, they’ll also be appearing on Hong Kong Ping Pong’s very own stage, the ‘Hong Kong Ping Pong Club’. One glance at that tracklist below will be enough to tell you that there’s gonna be one hell of party goin’ on in that club and if you’re somehow still in doubt, hit the play button and all will become very clear, very quick.

There are still a few tickets left, so if you like the sound of what’s going down on the mixtape and want more info on who’ll be playing on other stages and tickets etc, Click Here.


Download Hong Kong Ping Pong’s mixtape here on Soundcloud.


Links for HKPP :

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01 The Nextmen – Round Of Applause (ft Dynamite MC)
02 Captain Flatcap – Boom Bap Boxing (ft Great Scott) (Crash Party Remix)
03 C@ in the H@ – Drunk N Disorderly feat. Mr FX (VIP Mix)
04 Tuxedo Junction – Past Last Orders
05 Alias & Imagine This – Empire (Waggles remix)
06 X-Ray Ted – Blue Skies
07 A.Skillz & Nick Thayer – Get Got
08 Featurecast & Aldo Vanucci – Make You Happy
09 The Fritz – Drop in the Ocean
10 The Nextmen ft Dynamite MC – Big Woman
11 WBBL – Thinkin’
12 Hardly Subtle – You Got The Praise
13 C@ in the H@ – Drugstore Cowboy feat. Stephen Molchanski
14 Father Funk – Swingers
15 Red Hot Chilli Peppers – Cant Stop (WBBL Remix)
16 Mr Stabalina – Do You Like It
17 A.Skillz – Think (It Takes Two) ft Lyn Collins
18 Cockney Nutjob – Sunshine
19 X-Ray Ted – Rollin’
20 TWOGOOD – She Won’t Call Me ft. Greg Blackman
21 Cockney Nutjob – I’m Skankin’ Out
22 Mr Stabalina – The Hump
23 A.Skillz – Hello (A.Skillz Booty)
24 Extra Medium – Work It Out
25 TWOGOOD – Hollywood Swingers Club
26 The New Groovement – Good Side (Father Funk Remix)
27 Tuxedo Junction – Bermuda Blues
28 WBBL – Get A Wobble On
29 Extra Medium – Stop The Moon
30 A.Skillz – We Got Fun
31 Cakeboy – Lose Your Mind
32 Father Funk – Block Party
33 Tuxedo Junction – Bossa Got High
34 Crash Party – Nitty Gritty (VIP Junglist Mix)
35 C@ in the H@ – Little White Lies

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