Horsepower Productions- Stranger / TP

Breakbeat Garage pioneers, Horsepower Productions join Sneaker Social Club for the superbly dark and deadly sounds of ‘Stranger’ & ‘TP’

Horsepower Production pack the atmosphere of timeless Hardcore Jungle, wall shaking Dub Reggae and skankin’ UKG into the delicious spaghetti western rollout of ‘Stranger’, complete with ricocheting gunshots, amen breaks and intricate 2 step led broken beats

‘TP’ builds around a quirky sample with a slo-mo amen, elements of dub, and titanium proof drone bass notes in a style that calls back to a lesser known gem by Smith & Mighty ‘Killa’

Legends of the scene return for two inventive, playful bangers ready to test the limits of your speakers!


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