House Music You Need To Hear 02 04 20

Its megapost time!!!! Here’s a big lost of house music you need to hear from labels like Realm, Sola and Solotoko….

Christian Nielsen- Come To Life

Epic melodic house with rolling breaks? Once again, the Realm label welcomes artists who do things a little differently with high production standards and that’s what you get here!!!


Saffron Stone – Everytime

Saffron Stone drops a rave bomb with buzz saw bass and short bursts of ravey drops, this is… 🔥🔥🔥


Iglesias, RSquared – Frankie’s Story

Iglesias & Rsquared go in for the kill with two Latin infused funky tech missiles! Its all about the drums and the danger level funkiness!


Watky-Solar EP

Watky delivers four dreamlike minimal grooves that push the boundaries while rocking the speakers with lush sounds and weighty beats.


Tuff London, Murphys Law (UK)-My Generation

Tuff London & Murphys Law team up for a momentous slice of main room tribal tech. Built around powerhouse drums, deep grooves and phat stabs, this one’s a rocket!!!!


Huxley – Babyface

Huxley gives the  speed garage sound a 2020 refresh with elements of techno to beef up the bass and drums even more!!!!


Martin Badder – Heartbroken

Two highly original takes on the House sound with jaw dropping production, inventive musical variation and progression. This is nowhere near your average house EP


Westend – Pay Attention

Fans of the US Tech/Bass House sound will lap up the blips and subsonic boom of these two standout tracks. When you hear either of these, you will know for sure!!!!


Pasquale Caracciolo – Vision

Twisted Acid/Tech House with a Latin touch and some bumpy action to file under Dirtybird level banger, oh yessssss!!!!!!


Reblok – Keep Me High

Reblok rolls the beats with a huge slice of on point Tech House that grooves, grooves some more and grooves even more!!!!! A sugary sweet vocal adds to the heavy FX and slapping licks!


Papa Marlin – Crazy Game

Papa Marlin & Bondar lay down some chunky kicks, whirly, soul/funk themed basslines, filthy loops and rattling beats  and more on two tracks of the kind of musical fire that is the hallmark of the Sola brand.

Benny Benassi, BB Team, Canguro English-Everybody Hates Monday Mornings

The man behind ‘Satisfaction’ is back with a new Tech House banger featuring more quirky, stick in your head vocals. You will be chanting the words as you work, in your sleep and annoying your neighbours with this one!!!!

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