The Hype, Vol. 5 [Criminal Hype]

Criminal Hype present the latest edition of annual VA ‘The Hype’, Vol 5 packs serious Tech House heat from Mescal Kids, Pleasant Avenue, Ricardo Espino, Fede Aliprandi, Cris Ocana, Heider and Felipe Fella.

Straight out of the gate, Mescal Kids & Pleasant Avenue deliver Dirtybird style Tech/Hip House with the funk stained grooves of ‘War Zone’

Ricardo Espino provides ‘The Glory’ of bleepin’ chuggin’ bluesy House to get you jackin’, Heider spins rubbery basslines and modem style FX on ‘Hold It Up’ and Felipe Fella embodies ‘The Spirit’ of House music with a tough bubbler full of techy bleeps and timeless beats.

Fede Aliprandi’s ‘ASMR’ features those whispery vocals found in tens of thousands of YouTube videos laid over an acidic, spaced out groover. Cris Ocana winds up this excellent VA with the dreamy synths, 80s style vox and mellow clicks and beats of ‘I Feel The Love In You’ This is the next hype and you need it!!!

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