Hyped On Acid – Hyper EP – Cantina Cuts 02

Hyped On Acid debuts on Cantina Cuts with a four track EP of hardcore jungle excellence

Three breakbeat hardcore barnstormers, one atmospheric slice of jungle. This killer EP opens with the full charge of hoover loaded ‘Raw To The Core’, a turbo charged steamroller of a tune from the deeper, underground strain of hardcore, packed with melodic strings and booming bass

‘Hold Tight’ is the modern day equivalent of one of those hidden B side weapons that the DJs would pull out of the box. Breakneck breaks and wicked Jungle Tekno stylings with proto-jungle drops and a few timestretched vocals for good measure

‘From My Soul’ is total class from the get go. It’s deep jungle vibes all the way on this lush amen roller with mellow sweeping chords and ‘NHS’ style keys for those who know!

‘Run For Cover’ tops off another excellent offering on Cantina Cuts with more Jungle Tekno/Proto-Jungle brilliance. A bouncing think break reverberates around wonderfully tripped out stab patterns and a drop straight from the oldskool jungle playbook of certified bangers. Excellent is a massive understatement for this fabulous EP. Superlatives just won’t do here, the music does the talking and you need to listen!

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