Hyper On Experience- The Complete & Bootlegged Remixes EP

Kniteforce presents the remastered Foul Play remix of ‘Lord Of The Null Lines’ plus 3 super rare remix/bootlegs on one EP!

Pretty much every hardcore jungle enthusiast knows and loves the Foul Play remix of Hyper On Experience ‘Lord Of The Null Lines’, its the most famous version and still gets dropped in the raves to this day since it’s inception back in 1993 (almost 27 years ago!). It somehow sounds even better than before here in crisp, remastered form making it a worthy addition to your collection of reissues and represses.

What makes this extra special is 3 versions this writer freely admits having never heard before and also regrets not hearing until now. With that verbose introduction out of the way, lets discuss the Foul Play Ft DJ Randall remix. This is the ‘2nd version’ of the Foul Play remix, a re-edit or VIP of sorts which switches up the keys and adds in some extra spooky Sci-Fi sounds, I can’t for the life of me figure out why this hasn’t been played more, its a super cool VIP with a darker more out there feel which would fit well in deeper Jungle DJ sets.

Next up is two takes on the FP mix by Danny Styles. The first is ultra raw and sounds very Amiga like in the production (something I love), the bass stabs have some really nice gritty distortion with replayed keys from the original remix over crunchy, chopped up amens. Everything leads into a nice deep, dreamy drop that rounds up this remix nicely. The second remix opens with those lush dreamy synths and a nice doubling up of the familiar beats from the FP OG mix concentrating on an even deeper rendering than Styles mix one. Mix 2 finishes off nicely with some trademark early jungle beat time switching and cut up vox.

Listening to this remastered collection, its incredible to think how much mileage there is in this rave classic. Pre Sales for this bad boy commence 28.10.19 and I would be waiting there refreshing the page to ensure securing a copy, these will go FAST!



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