Hyper On Experience-Disturbance Remixes EP

Are you ready for brand new remixes of Hyper On Experience’s darkside jungle classic? Kniteforce presents four fresh takes by Hamilton, Abyss, Lowercase & Psycangle and Sunny & Deck Hussy!

‘Disturbance’ exemplified the 93-94 ‘darkside’ sound, a reaction to the ultra-happy rave sound of 1992. The memorable central hook to the track is truly terrifying as is the Tango remix.

Many a purist might balk at the idea of fresh remixes but the mixes here will change their mind!

Hamilton lays down a production masterclass in a faithful yet totally new fangled DnB rerub with all the audio excellence and beat making chops of his countless bangers for RAM Records.

Abyss gives his signature dark amen-tal remix treatment to ‘Disturbance’ with a distinct John Carpenter Halloween like feel amplified by the eerie strings and the spooky spoken words taken from a William Blake poem. In 3 words- Intense, fearsome, excellent!

Lowercase & Kniteforce veteran, Psycangle go for a stomping mid to late 90s Gabber remix adding a whole new dimension to the original. This remix recalls some of the top quality Gabber coming out of Dutch labels like Fokuz, the kind that DJ Clarkee frequently played, tough, funky, energetic with on point production that flipped the bird to Gabber haters. Lowercase & Psycangle recreate that sound perfectly with a slick, spectacular rerub.

This writer’s personal fave has to be Sunny & Deck Hussy’s oldskool style breakbeat hardcore remix. This particular version is a real feat with the blood curdling darkness of the original reimagined into a euphoric 91/92 style rave anthem blending the light in the form of uplifting piano with the darkness taking the form of techno style riffs in a brilliant contrast.

Pre Sale starts 11/11/19 and I strongly advise having smartphones, laptops or desktops pointing https://kniteforce.bandcamp.com/music at to avoid FOMO!

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