Hyper On Experience- Deaf In The Family EP Reimagined

Kniteforce present the remastered and remix Hyper On Experience- Deaf In The Family EP Reimagined

HOE fans are in for a major treat! 4 remastered tracks, new remixes and a new track! You can enjoy the playful strings and cut up jungle drums of ‘Time Stretch’, the original ‘Lords Of The Null Line’, the inspiration for the infamous Foul Play remix complete with Predator 2 sample, speedy drums, spinbacks and Hip Hop style beat skips. Its possible you may have never heard this original version due to the popularity of the remix but it is truly unique. LOTNL in original form has the feel of a darkside tune with a symphonic, more musical feel. Unlike the Jungle version, this rendition has all kinds of key changes that keep things flowing all the way through.

The Smiley Rock Remix of ‘Imajica ‘ is a hardcore midsummer night’s dream of off the wall samples, manic rave stabs and even a nice bit of sax! ‘Thundergrip’ opens with spooky samples as the prelude to a mad ride of hammering beats, almost operatic horror esque keys and more Hip Hop style cut up drums.

Included in the super bundle version of this special HOE release is a bonus limited edition 7″ vinyl, Pete Cannon turns ‘Thundergrip’ into a modern hardcore jungle roller with added amens and 303s while retaining the light vs dark dynamics of the original. On the flipside, HOE give us ‘Mozaik Part 1’, a collage of productions, neatly bundled into one new track that sounds as unique and awe inspiring as the golden era material with all the epic soundscapes and quirky keys and beats to match! Click on the super bundle link for even more bonus content!



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