Hyper On Experience-The Family We Never Had Reimagined EP

3 legendary Hyper On Experience tracks plus a brand new remix for the hardcore rave massive!

Kniteforce presents a remastered and remixed version of this seminal classic Hyper On Experience EP. Freshly remastered is the genius dark side beats of ‘Disturbance’, a genre defying blend of rave, techno and experimentalism with on point beats and blasts of dark, angry synths akin to solar flares

Then there is the astonishing ‘Monarch Of The Glen’, a fusion of uplifting trance like keys, bouncy breaks and tripped out raviness way ahead of it’s time, so much so, it still sounds fresh today!

‘Lil Ruffion’ is one of the most original slices of jungle tekno ever made with a lead riff that will knock you sideways and intricate rhythmic percussion that predates jungle while rivaling the prevalent production techniques of the 94 era and beyond

Alex Jungle reworks ‘Monarch Of The Glen’ into a rampant slice of skin peeling hardcore jungle with a bone shuddering intro, relentless amens, manic hoovers and angry mentasms plus those legendary optimistic and uplifting keys. Here is another unique chance to own a slice of prestigious rave history



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