The Hypnotist – Hardcore You Know The Score 2019 (InnerCore Remix)

Rising High Records Hardcore Techno anthem ‘Hardcore You Know The Score’ is getting 2019 remixes including a massive breakbeat hardcore rework from InnerCore!

The late Caspar Pound aka The Hypnotist was responsible for many an early hardcore rave/techno classic like ‘Hardcore You Know The Score’, now up for a fresh set of remixes on vinyl and later on digital. Among those remixes is one by InnerCore. Following on from another excellent release, InnerCore applies a more refined take on the raw, stomping techno original.

The pounding kicks trade places for a heavy rolling breakbeat with the tempo of 1992 hardcore and the precision that comes from InnerCores DnB/Jungle alias ‘Teksteppa’

The intense energy of this rave classic gets remolded into an archetypal 1992 ‘ardcore track-weighty rolling breaks, landlord stabs with tons of key changes, and bubbling acid 303s. The addictive sound design brings to mind a young Danny Donnelly under his QBass guise-an electrifying blend of darkness and and hyperactivity that ignites the dancefloor. It’s fair to say this remix is reason enough to buy the new remix package in and of itself!

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