Ian K-Back In The Day EP [Kniteforce]

The Hardcore vibe continues in 2021 with Ian K’s ‘Back In The Day’ EP on Kniteforce.

‘Remember Back’ is an impressive display of Mr K’s production skills. You gotta love those clean, crisp DnB style breaks and the Hardcore Breaks overtones to the track. A summers dream intro eases us in before those war hardened beats kick in and electro bleeps carry us along with pleasure.

‘Every Night’ is an oldskool Hardcore spree! With breaks in the style of Release/Urban Shakedown and a litany of rap samples, this second track of four exudes the early rave charm. Any budding rave producer would have jumped at finding the opening sample “someone from the oldskool with a good sense of honour.” The track alternates between a series of hardcore riffs that emulate the very best of 1992 from Suburban Base to Moving Shadow.

‘Hang On’ is best described as inventive and mischievous! Throughout the track, the “boom” from EMF ‘Unbelievable can be heard while the beats switch up with clever transitions. Dare I say it but it’s true, ‘Hang On’ reminds me of early Prodigy and that’s a great thing!!! The Outlander ‘Vamp’ style riff is so enjoyable adding to the overall business and fun of this tune.

‘Forever’ is 97′ meets 92′ Happy Hardcore with a catchy pop vocal a la Force & Styles but with breakbeats! As with the other 3 tracks, the production is super polished. The singalong vocals and mid 90s Hardcore piano work perfectly minus the 4×4 beats. In addition to the crossover appeal of ‘Forever’ is a cool one note Reggae rave midsection that only increases the sheer likeability of this final track.

Full info and purchase details at http://kniteforcerevolution.com

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