Idealz-Heavyweight EP

Idealz lands musical right hooks, Hardcore Rave style with the ‘Heavyweight EP’ on Kniteforce!

From the moment you hear the opening track ‘Getting Warm’ you know you are in for something special. You could describe this track as ‘Hardcore DnB’ with it’s pacey 2 step beats and the ‘school of hard knocks’ style keys that pop up throughout the track. The melodic pianos and housey vocals add another original layer to this highly unique, action packed rhythm.

‘Bells’N’All’ opens with a mixture of Jungle bleeps and Bells mixed in with orchestral sounding notes. A medley of rolling breaks, sassy vocal refrains and growling bass lead into some more orchestral sounds and a dash of acid 303. It’s Jungle, Jim but not as we know it. Oh… and it BANGS!!!!

‘Heavyweight’ gets majorly Junglistic with a muscley Ray Keith style Reese bass and an array of dark effects and a bad bwouy horn section. This could turn Sir David Attenborough into a BADMON!!!!

‘Dust Chaos’ opens with a statement of menace, the bass is instantaneous and in no mood to take prisoners! Intense, high frequency Ragga Hardcore keys propel this tune towards a plethora of infamous vocals as the ferocity and fervour increases. Did I mention the drums on this tune are amazing! The beats switch and morph at such a rate, it’s difficult to comprehend!

‘Gonna Get Ya’ has a playful feel with quirky musical arrangements, soulful leanings and some 00’s style filthy bass. The 4×4 kicks mix seamlessly with the breaks giving this closing track a Ragga-Tek feel in a soundclash with mid 90s Breakbeat Hardcore.

Just when you think Hardcore has reached it’s creative peak, an EP like this comes along and reminds you there’s so much more potential in the genre and plenty of fun and good times to be had with it.


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