Innercore-Alpha Junk EP

Innercore drops what is probably our favourite EP by him so far on the newly minted Kniteforce Prime!

The title track is a furious slice of hammer swinging Hardcore with a dark, energetic Prodigy influence that will put you on blast and Hype you to hyperspeed!

Back 2 Da Top is akin to a modern Hardcore Uproar, a blend of House, early Euro Rave and of course 90/91 UK Hardcore. While I wasn’t there, thanks to YouTube I can make the assertion that this is the kind of track that would have gotten abundant plays in the early days of The Eclipse in Coventry

Hard Wired goes for that tougher Euro centric style with massive rumbling Techno basslines a la Terrorize and Bizarre Inc. This is a furious number that would fit perfectly into Carl Cox’s legendary 91/92 sets.

And then there’s Music From Within, an absolute anthem that kicks off with electro influences before going full steam into a rave monster with all the fabled elements from familiar whoops to ecstatic piano and quite literally everything in between.

The tracks on this EP call back to a very specific period in the Hardcore continuum, a sound that was all but gone by the end of 1992 and gone too soon. Tracks like these balanced crossover appeal with the sound of the underground. Innercore’s production is so good here, his EP really genuinely sounds like it was made in the golden era notwithstanding the clearly superior production quality Innercore brings to the table.  

Available 17/04/22 on

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