Innercore Project Volume 2

Innercore presents ‘Innercore Project Volume 2’, a vinyl release featuringfour cuts of 92/93 inspired underground hardcore and jungle tekno!

Want some ‘ardcore mate? Innercores got loadsa ‘ardcore and his latest vinyl tracker has four absolute beauts! ‘Trippin on Beats’ combines the ethos of the rave era with modern production techniques for an on point roll out 92 style. The track goes in hard and fast with thundering breaks, eerie vocal samples and an elated, rushing wave of pianos. In between the good time, upbeat keys, there’s plenty of dark stabs, 303s and Techno riffs.

‘Terminal Velocity’ is the musical sum of it’s parts. a track that sounds like its hurtling through the air with dexterous breaks, murderous hoovers and trippy proto jungle interludes. This is jungle tekno from the darkside with chipmunk Rodigan vocals and swinging weighty breakbeats.

‘Stay Tuned’ opens with the pure optimistic euphoria of 92 rave. Pitched up wails and Italo pianos share space with busy, layered beats. The happy keys alternate with hard Belgian Techno riffs and rap vox to perfectly recreate that manic 1992 outdoor rave sound.

Love classic breaks? ‘Feel So’ has plenty of them. a pounding rhythm with strong Hip Hop influences. The DJ Seduction style keys, sirens and crowd samples remind us why oldskool hardcore is so good and always will be. A sweet harmony style lead hook appears in the mid section before the hardcore madness ensues for a second round. A further, more intense blast of piano takes us to the end.

This is breakbeat hardcore/jungle tekno made by a producer with a genuine love for the sound and incredible attention to detail. Don’t moan that no one makes this type of music anymore, they do and when its as good as this, you simply cannot miss out!

Pre-Order Innercore Project Volume 2 On Vinyl From The Music Preservation Society

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