Jailed Jamie – Caged Breaks Vol 1&2

The rave is strong on Jailed Jamie’s Caged Breaks EP on Amalgama Music.

Amalgama Music is the branding of Amalgama Records. Returning from a 12 year hiatus, the label is back delivering the signature high quality music it always has done. With a venerable back catalogue of releases by John Tejada, Seiji (Bugz in the Attic), Titonton Duvante, Dogdaze (2562), and more, the label focused on on Broken Beat but as label head, Santiago Cevallos says: “We are dance and bass music connoisseurs, so we are sticking to that rather than a specific genre like before.”

The Caged Breaks EP

What a rush it is to listen to the rave infused breaks of ‘Flute Song’ on Vol 1 of the Caged Breaks EP. There is so much to unpack from the classic ‘Something for your mind, body and soul’ vocal to the subtle percs, the crisp Apache break, the melodic chimes and oldskool hoovers on this Hardcore masterpiece with a cinematic edge.

‘Fried’ fries the brain in wonderful ways with dusty breaks and scratches, ‘Dominator’ hoovers and space bleeps before an utterly sublime drop disrupts the Hardcore madness and massages the mind with ethereal chords.

‘Losing My Feelings’ weaves the ‘Music is moving’ vocal around enchanting chimes as an Inner City style riff builds steam accomplished by proggy stabs and hooks from the glory days of House and Rave music. Everything builds to a huge hands in the air moment that you just don’t want to end. Vol 1 is available right now and you can listen to clips of Vol 2 in the soundcloud player above. We don’t know the names of the tracks but there’s a funky 303 loaded roller with 2 Step/4×4 beats and Hip Hop vox, a 130 Jungle/Hardcore roller with lush, eerie strings and dark bass stabs that will send any true raver into a fit of happiness! We hope to have more info on those tracks soon, in the meantime, you can buy Vol 1 below and buy it you should!

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