Jalapeno Funk Vol. 12 – V/A (Jalapeno Records)

With Jalapeno Records 20th-anniversary celebrations taking centre stage last year and the release of a huge compilation album to mark the special occasion, its flagship compilation series Jalapeno Funk took a year off from its annual serving of some of the very best bits released on the label that year. Because of its year out, it meant that the Jalapeno team were faced with two years worth of high-grade Funk to sift through and while I’ve no doubts a truly tremendous time would have been had listening back through it all, I’ve absolutely no idea how they managed to whittle it down to just 20 tracks is beyond me! That’s what they’ve gone and done though and a doth of the cap must go their way for a job well done on showcasing the amazing musicians and vocalists on the Jalapeno roster.

With the whole crew turning up in fine form for the party on volume 12, you can expect to hear music taken from Gizelle Smith‘s stunning Revealing LP, brand new music from the incredible Izo Fitzroy, 3 heavyweight remixes by Dr Rubberfunk, Steve Cobby and Ray Mang of tracks found on Smoove & Turrell‘s mighty Stratos Bleu album, two of the biggest and funkiest bangers from The Allergies huge Promised Land album and Art Of Tones awesome remix of Izo Fitzroy’s Blind Faith.

The fun does not stop there folks because we’re also served a couple of Disco treats from Flevans and funky Breakbeats of the highest order from Aldo Vannuci and Dr Rubberfunk. A Jalapeno Funk compilation wouldn’t be a Jalapeno Funk compilation without some stone-cold cool classics from the archives on board and the two found on volume 12 that have recently been re-issued on vinyl come from Soopasoul and Skeewiff no less. Rounding things up, we head from the old and very much into the new with two tracks from Jalapeno’s most recent signing, Sam Redmore. Word is from the Jalapeno camp is that there is great excitement around Sam’s debut album that dropping next year is and if they’re excited, we and all of you should be excited too!

Nothing beats a good dose of Funk from the Jalapeno squad so because it really is nearly Christmas, treat yourself to some of the very best of it that money can buy!

Buy all of the music here on Bandcamp.

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