Janis Joplin – Move On Over (Streamer’s Smooved On Over RMX)

Is everybody ready? If not, you better be because Streamer‘s about to get you off your seats and Disco stompin’ around your living room and kitchens with his scorching remix of Move On Over by one of the most influential female rock stars of all-time, Janis Joplin. Dropping in at lively 125bpm, you’re sure to be kept on your toes for the duration thanks to pumpin’ 4/4 bears and with the spirit-raising keys, sharp stabs of brass and Janis’ unmistakable vocal charging the atmosphere even more, smiles will grow uncontrollably and hands will be raised to the ceilings in appreciation of just how good of a time you’re having while giving it a whirl!

Streamer has an absolute shed load of remixes over on his Soundcloud page, so if you’re liking what you hear here, head on over and check out his eclectic selection of free tracks.


Download Streamer’s remix for free here on The Artist Union.


Links for Streamer :


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