JC Unique – Knock Me Off My Feet

House music is a feeling, not everyone understands it. But when JC Unique is the man making the House music, it will knock you off your feet! Has there ever been a more apt title for a song than his latest track?

If you took the soulful vocals of classic Garage and UKG, the timeless Soul/Funk of the 80s and some Disco inspired beats, what would you get? JC Unique solves this question with his evergreen slice of joyous soulful house ‘Knock Me Off My Feet’ on Unique 2 Rhythm.

‘Knock Me Off My Feet’ is the kind of song that sounds great in the club, car and radio. It’s the kind of tune you want to wake up to in the morning in order to start your day with a positive mindset. The ‘bros’ need not apply here, this is for real music lovers who love soul and love a good song. Get knocked off your feet!

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