Jimi Needles – Care Package 001

Jimi Needles has raided his music folders to dig out 15 of his own bangers to feature on the first in series of albums titled Care Package. All of the tracks on Jimi’s album have been thoroughly tried and tested on the dancefloor and all of them do the business when called upon so you’ll not be getting any duds here!

On Care Package 001 you can expect to hear Funk, Breakbeat and Drum and Bass bootlegs and remixes of music by legendary artists such as The Isley Brothers, DJ Shadow, The Beach Boys, Notorious B.I.G and Rage Against The Machine to name just a few. The albums are being made available to download for free or you can pay what you like and because Jimi’s in the same boat as so many other DJ/producers out there, a donation of any amount towards getting your hands some heavy-hitting party jams is always gratefully received.

If you love Jimi’s music and you’d like to get your hands on his music way ahead of everyone else, you might be interested to hear that he is now on Patreon. You can subscribe and get early releases and a catch-up package by Clicking Here.


Download Jimi’s album for free or pay what you like here on Bandcamp.


Links for Jimi Needles :

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