Jimi Needles – Jungle Strikes Vol 19

Jimi Needles is another regular supplier of the sweetest Jungle jams to the awesome Jungle Strikes. The Jungle Strikes imprint is one that does away with the seriousness some Jungle music comes with and promotes a party rockin’ sound that’s full of fun and one to make you lose all inhibitions on the dance floor and Jimi’s two new tracks ‘It’s So Damn Funky’ and ‘Hands In The Air’ fit that mould with consummate ease.

If you’ve caught Jimi spinning at any gigs of festival shows recently, you’ll recognise both of these tracks instantly as they’ve been causing mayhem when played and I’m sure if you was there, you made the most of your time you had with them. There’s also a chance you will have heard both of the tracks on his recent ‘Needlewurk Vol 4’ mixtape, which we featured along with a Q&A with Jimi. If you want to check the mixtape and the Q&A, CLICK HERE.


Buy ‘Jungle Strikes Vol 19’ here on Juno.


Links for Jimi Needles :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Mixcloud / Twitter / Instagram


Links for Jungle Strikes :

Soundcloud / Facebook / Twitter

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