Jimi Needles – Needlewurk Volume 4 + UK Exclusive Q&A

Jimi Needles has been a regular here on the LSM ward for a good few years now. He’s kept us all entertained with loads of funky bootleg bangers and plenty of mixtapes that continue to stand the test of time. It’s his latest mixtape where we catch up with him now as he’s very recently dropped ‘Needlewurk Volume 4’. Because of how good the last three volumes were, we and so many of his fans have been eagerly anticipating this new mix and we’re pleased to tell you it’s another absolute masterpiece!

Not only do we have the pleasure of alerting you to ‘Needlewurk Volume 4’, but we’ve also had the pleasure of grabbing a few words with Jimi, which you can sit back and read while checking out the music and his skills in his new mix.


Download ‘Needlewurk Volume 4’ here on Hypeddit.


Jimi Needles Q&A


LSM : Thanks for joining us Jimi. It’s been a while since we’ve managed to catch up with you, so how’s things?

Jimi : Smashing! Festival season looking busy, lots of music upcoming, and most amazingly, I’m getting married in September, can’t complain!


LSM : We’d like to wish you all the best for your wedding and go on to congratulate you on your recent signing to Finger Lickin’. How does it feel to be signed to such a prestigious roster of artists?

Jimi : It’s very exciting for me. There’s such a varied array of incredible producers, bands and DJs on the roster, it comes at a great time where I’m really starting to define my sound, not just as that ‘funk bootleg and mixtape’ guy.


LSM : What can we expect from this match made in heaven in the future?

Jimi : The dream would be to starting hitting new cities and countries, touring singles off the upcoming album with my backing band. I’m working hard to make this a reality!


LSM : Are there any artists on their incredible roster you’re chuffed to be now sat alongside?

Jimi : Erb-n-Dub is sonically one of my favourite producers, I’d go as far to say that he has the loudest and cleanest sounding D&B out there, plus the guy can drum and fucking scratch like a badman – I can relate! I have a lot of respect for someone who does all of those art forms that well. And of course Krafty, to be on tour almost permanently (as glam as that sounds) can take it’s toll on your productivity, and he’s still putting out dope music while on the move! Crazy!


LSM : We come together just as you’ve dropped volume 4 of your ‘Needlewurk’ mix series. For those listening in for the first time, can you tell them why you started it and what the mix series is all about?

Jimi : Cast your mind back to a time on the breaks/nufunk/hiphop scene where loads of talented guys, Featurecast, DJ Yoda, A.Skillz etc, were putting out really dope and intricate mixtapes and I needed a way to shine through – I thought that if I branded my mixes they would do well, so here we are, volume 4!


LSM : What setup do you use for your ‘Needlewurk’ mixes and DJ mixes in general?

Jimi : Usually the run up to making the mixtapes involve a lot acapella and sample hunting, and a shit load of panicking finishing off loads of homemade tracks!! Once that’s done, I rehearse a lot in the studio (scratching/mixing), then I record bit by bit, using Ableton to multi layer and create on the fly edits and blends that I then bounce down for my live sets. I think it’s important that you go that extra mile on mixtapes; you’ve got far more scope than just recording a live mix, it’s almost like an album whereby it can be as intricate, rule-breaking and fun as you want, whilst showcasing your own music and music you love too.


LSM : What about the production side of things tech wise?

Jimi : I’m strictly Ableton. I’ve got a weird thing for finding shareware/freeware plugins, sometimes you find some really bizarre sounding synths, the core of my recent releases all use this sega-emulator sound plugin, for instance.


LSM : I’ve read that you have tracks from your new album woven into your new mix. When can we get our hands on the album and what can we expect from it?

Jimi : Depending on how much you’ve been watching and listening, there are quite a few bits and pieces all over my social media of snippets from the record, but nothing in full quite yet. I can’t give too much away apart from ‘watch this space’. What’s been great over the last 9 months has been writing the album alongside assembling a live band to play stuff that I’ve written, what I’m trying to say is come and see us live soon!! haha.


LSM : Clearly, you love all the tracks on the album or they wouldn’t be there, but is there a track in particular you’re most proud of, or connect with just a little bit more than the others?

Jimi : ‘Big WildI Just Wanna‘, the production, the arrangement, the melody, I’m in awe every time I listen. I strongly recommend heading over to his Spotify, it’s a gold mine of feel-good music.


LSM : The curtain has been raised on the festival season thanks to the awesome Shindig Weekender. What festivals do you have lined this summer?

Jimi : You can catch myself and Mr Switch on a 4 deck ting at Volkfest, plus I’ve got solo DJ sets at Shambala (The Social Club), Sunrise and FloVibe, and you can catch me LIVE at Standon Calling, Wonderland, and at Chai Wallahs at Shambala Festival too. I’m also heading out to Canada for my first DJ set out in Victoria at the end of June for the Victoria Ska & Reggae Festival – I’m doing a special reggae-inspired DJ set out there. A few weddings too, but you’re not invited haha.


LSM : Is there a festival that stands out as a favourite of yours?

Jimi : Shambala Festival… nuff sed.


LSM : We know you’re a master technician behind the decks, we know you make killer tunes, we know you’re a dab hand behind the drums in the Ephmerals band and we know you’re a top gent, so what, if anything, do you feel you could improve on in life?

Jimi : Trying to getting wedding fit, Needles could always lose a few pounds.


Many thanks to Jimi for answering our questions and as always, we look forward to hearing more music from him in the future.


Links for Jimi Needles :

Soundcloud / Facebook / MixcloudTwitter / Instagram


Needlewurk Volume 4 Tracklist

Jimi Needles – Intro
Jimi Needles – Dean Town Come Down (J’s Vulf.paak Bootleg)
Jimi Needles – Atom Smasher
Krafty Kuts – Immigrant Bass
Leon Else – Dance (Oliver Remix)
Hyleo – Phantom Thief (Jimi Needles Loc’d Out Edit)
J Balvin – Mi Gente (Acapella)
Optobot – F.U.N (Jimi Needles Edit)
N.E.R.D – Lemon
Jay Z vs Redbone – Come & Get Your Love (Jimi Needles Boot)
Dubra & Arteo – She Goes
Drake – Nice For What (Instrumental)
Migos – Stir Fry (J’s No Mumble Rap Edit)
Apriskah – Different (Featurecast Edit)
Tipper – Flunked (Jimi Needles Loc’d Out Edit)
Jimi Needles – Cash Me Outside How Bah Dah
Document One vs A$AP Rockey – Haunted Wild Night Spaces
Channel 2 – Mad Over Way
Jimi Needles – How We Chill
Portugal. The Man – Feel It Still (Jimi Needles Edition)
The Marvelletes – Please Mr Postman (acapella)
Home – Resonance
Big Wild – I Just Wanna
Kendrick Lamar vs Big Shaq – Man’s Not Humble
Torro Torro – Make A Move (Skrillex Remix)
Jimi Needles Vuvuzela Interlude (Pull Up!)
Jimi Needles – Biggie Banger 2018
Father Funk – Nomesayin’
Bruno Mars x Ol’ Dirty Bastard x Kelis – Money & Finesse (Jimi Needles Blend)
Chaka Demus & Pliers – Murder She Wrote (Snippet)
Dillon Francis – Brazzer’s Theme (Munchi’s Fuck That It’s Bangbros Remix)
Cazztek – The Power
Dutty Moonshine – Gangsters (Featurecast Remix)
Dirtyphonics vs Run DMC – Boombox Like That (Jimi Needles Mash)
Mooqee & Beatvandals – Rock the Discotech
Fatboy Slim – Where U Iz (Jimi Needles Edit)
Jimi Needles – Islanded In A Stream Of Stars
JFB – Space Travel
Featurecast – Testify
Jimi Needles – No Rolla
Rag n’ Bone Man – Human (Calyx & Teebee Remix)
DJ Vadim – Terrorist (Acapella)
Beatnuts – Hot (Acapella)
Parov Stellar – Libella Swing (Jimi Needles Macaron Edit)
Jimi Needles – Big Tough (coming soon on Jungle Strikes)
Jimi Needles – Watch The Break Down (Snippet)
Jimi Needles – Latin Blast (coming soon on Jungle Strikes)
Featurecast – Get Up & Dance
The Isley Brothers – Summer Breeze (Jimi Needles Edition)


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