Jimmy J & Cru L T- Six Days Remixes

Happy Hardcore anthem ‘Six Days’ gets four new remixes from TRY UNITY, Ant To Be, Sc@r & DJ Storm

A much loved tune from the mid 90s rave era, ‘Six Days’ with it’s instant singalong lyrics, is the kind of tune even the most ardent antagonists of Breakbeat/UK/Happy Hardcore would find a hard time resisting. It’s the kind of a tune where the MC would point the Mic in the direction of the crowd and let them sing at a rave. It’s quite simply a  great tune! Catchy, fun and memorable.

The popular ravers anthem is about to get a re-release with four new/previously unreleased mixes. TRY UNITY provide a full cover version with the vocals resung and the fast tempo swapped for a dreamy, melodic 92 hardcore sound with Detroit Techno influences. Ant To Be provides the second of the two breakbeat hardcore versions. This mix has more a Jungle Tekno/94 breakbeat hardcore feel with layered amen breaks and 4×4 kicks. It’s also completely different from the original with a brand new Italo style piano section, Korg M1 keys a la Manix and Belgian Techno riffs. That famous vocal is teased and chopped up right the way through until we get the payoff of ‘Six Days On The Run’ in full!!!

DJ Storm’s previously unreleased Euro mix is a treat for the oldskool Scots and Netherlands ravers. Big trancey riffs and swooping stabs replace the breakbeats of the original plus the addition of a fresh take on the iconic pianos. This is perfect material for a right old stomp!!

If you love a bit of 2018 UK Hardcore, Sc@r’s mix has the requisite smash, clomp and thwack! The beats are cogent, the synths throb with authority and that classic vocal/piano combo shines as much as ever!!! Think you’re going crazy? Been on the run for six days? Need a musical antidote? Scroll down to the buy button!!!

This is a free record for those who buy regularly at the Kniteforce site, and that only 40 or 50 will be available for sale to the general public!


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