Jonny L-Cecile Park EP

You need to hear these unearthed and remastered DAT tape tunes from Jonny L. These undiscovered gems get a full release for the first time on Kniteforce!

Say this in the voice of Lionel Hutz “You may know Jonny L from the euphoric 92 ‘Hurt You So’ or late 90s Grooverider favourite ‘Piper.”

The musical career of Mr L stretches back over 3 decades and those familiar with his back catalogue know he has always been happy to experiment with styles.

That experimental style can be heard in full on ‘ One’ where kaleidoscopic swirls of Techno meet Rising High inspired 303s and twisted rapid notes over a variety of beats. The beats switch smoothly between now familiar break patterns and pumping Techno/House kicks.

‘Handclap’ is particularly surprising and incredibly timely. Listen to this track then head over to the Deep Tech House section on Beatport and you can only conclude that Jonny was a producer way ahead of his time. The dreamy chords and modular Techno of ‘Handclap’ are supplemented with subtle breaks tucked away just enough for the listener to notice.

‘Premonition’ once again dips into that early 90s Rising High influence for a slice of mayhem that manages to be artcore yet still the kind of tune that would send the crowd wild at a Bangface event. Turbo force basslines and hyperactive beats set a manic tone before a perfectly placed string section cools it down in anticipation for the next wave.

‘Free’ is a mellow Techno/Rave 4×4 tune on the edge of darkness. Soothing strings set the mood while positively evil hoovers lurk in the background waiting to strike.

‘Things You Do’ plays with rave convention all the way through from the sped up Lovers Rock vocal to the (wait for it) whistles a la Frankie Knuckles ‘Whistle Song’ all hurtling long to a trippy Techno backdrop and the ‘Charly’ break. It shouldn’t work but it absolutely does!

‘Take You Higher’ hints at the DnB future of the man behind the ‘Sawtooth’ LP. Listen to the crisp breaks and the intricate keys and you might think you were listening to a prototype of the short lived Trance n’ Bass sound.

‘Lets Play’ is the most early rave of these fine tunes. A dark heads down affair that blends Techno, Breaks and the early Warp Records sound into a track that would slip right into a 2021 Techno mix.

‘About Ur Love’ switches from late 70s Disco/Soul to futuristic stabs (DnB anyone?) to full on piano ‘ardcore with incredible fluidity.

When you get your hands on this EP you will ask yourself how they weren’t released until now!

The Cecile Park EP is available as part of ‘The Innovators Bundle‘ or 2×12″ Vinyl (only 300 copies)

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