Jonny Megabyte – Rolled Notes & Anecdotes

Good Street Revords present 6 tracks of fire Footwork from the mind of Jonny Megabyte

The title track sets a striking tone with a barrage of bass stabs,
atmospheric strings and tight bars c/o RT1MC. ‘SmokeOnItMon’ brings the flavours of
Chicago on a platter of hazy rave and footwork. ‘Freestyle Heat’ goes
right back to the rave with 808 State style pads and call and response
lyrics. ‘QVC Is My HBO’ gets even ravier introducing hardcore stabs and
Jungle Tekno stylings set to the bumpy Footwork beats. ‘Hunstanton
Warriors’ has a UKG vibe as if transmitting from a London Tower block.
‘Falling In Love’ is high speed soul with hyperspeed disco beats and
vocals and sax plucked straight from the 80s. A quality EP of high
quality Footwork.

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  • Florence Pellegrino 2 years ago Reply

    u’re a good one jonny megabyte

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