Juic-E-Second Era EP

Sub Code Records present Juic-E’s ‘Second Era EP’, four tracks that capture the second golden era of jungle-now!

At the forefront of the Jungle revival is Lavery’s Sub Code imprint. Up next on the label is an EP from Juic-E who impresses with on point knowledge and production skills gleamed from a true love for the jungle sound.

‘All Massive ‘ mashes up Jazzy keys, strains of 90s rave, rolling breaks and a murderous bassline in true jungle style. It sounds like a long lost gem from the mid 90s despite being brand new!

‘Golly Gosh’ opens with pitch shifting keys that match the dreamy intros of classics like Dred Bass. After the musical equivalent of a cold chill down the spine, it’s down the rabbit hole of dank, rumbling sub frequencies and expertly diced amens for that AWOL circa 94′ feel!

‘Nostalgia ‘ opens with stepping beats similar to those of HMP classic ‘Runnins’ before piling on layered breaks and a mixture of eerie and mellow synths, low frequency bass notes and MC shouts.

‘Mellow Days’ might conjure up images of lazy summer sounds and there is plenty of that albeit with thunderous amens to make sure you don’t fall asleep. Juic-E showcases some incredible drum work on this gritty roller with sparkling keys, belly bursting B-Lines and crunchy beats!

Due out sometime in July


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