Juicebox Show #62 With Company Z

This month’s Juicebox sees me revisit a set from 2013 – the Finger Lickin’ vs Lot49 mashup! This mix pays homage to a great label that sadly closed it’s doors at the end of March.

On the guest mix I have a man a lot of us know but is pretty elusive about his djing … it is, of course, Andy Companyz with his tech-funk sounds.


1. Criminal Element Orchestra – Put The Needle On The Record (Drumattic Twins and Lee Coombs Remix) (Finger Lickin’ Records)
2. Meat Katie – Bizarre Is Beautiful (Lot49)
3. Soul Of Man – The Drum (Finger Lickin’ Records)
4. Force Mass Motion – Out Of It (Lot49)
5. Plump DJs – The Push (Finger Lickin’ Records)
6. Elite Force – I Don’t Think So (Lot49)
7. Drumattic Twins – Can’t Give You Up (Finger Lickin’ Records)
8. Lee Coombs – Detox (Access Denied Remix) (Lot49)
9. Plump DJs – Snafu (Finger Lickin’ Records)
10. Dylan Rhymes & Katherine Ellis – Salty (Meat Katie Remix) (Lot49)
11. Slyde Feat. Lady Posh – Vibrate To This (Trouble Soup Remix) (Finger Lickin’ Records)
12. Ways and Means – Topshelf (Lot49)
13. Stereo 8 – Groove Diggin’ (Finger Lickin’ Records)
14. Dylan Rhymes – Crunched (Lot49)
15. Drumattic Twins – Feelin’ Kinda Strange (Bass Kleph & Nick Thayer Remix) (Finger Lickin’ Records)
16. Peter Paul – Reverendo (Lot49)
17. Brothers Bud VS Z2 – The Herbgrinder (Drumattic Twins Remix) (Finger Lickin’ Records) (Lot49)
18. Nu-Tron – Meat Katie & Elite Force (Lot49)
19. Plump DJs – Scram (Finger Lickin’ Records)
20. Meat Katie Feat. Arthur Baker – Walking On Sunshine (Lot49)

Company Z:

1. Ben Coda & Meat Katie – Dog Eat Dog
2. Dopamine – Swerve
3. Broken Sunday – Soul Flux
4. Outsider – Hidden Side
5. Fisso and Spark – Are You Ready (Flukes Remix)
6.Tocadisco feat. Roland Clark – Phoenix (Original Mix)
7.Home Alone – Serpents (Robosapiens Remix)
8.Harvard Bass – Bugged
9.Optobot – Atomic Energy (Vandal Remix)
10.Alexander Fog & Meat Katie – Breakdown
11.Butter Party – Eat The Mushrooms (Mike Hulme Remix)
12. Meat Katie & Dopamine – Believe InΒ  Me (Ben Coda Remix)

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