Kid Breaks : The Story So Far

Our last catch up with 12-year-old Cystic Fibrosis warrior Logan a.k.a Kid Breaks, was back in April of this year when we featured his first full-length DJ mix ‘The Awakening’. Since then things have taken off in a big way for this Breaks loving DJ who not only lets his enthusiasm shine whenever he gets behind the decks but also does it while dealing with his terrible illness and raising awareness of it at the same time.

The first episode of Kid Breaks’ rise to much greater things came about when one of the UK’s best female DJ’s Janette Slack, caught wind of video on Instagram of him doing his thing. As she investigated further with information from Kid Breaks dad, Janette was so touched by his story and impressed with his skills that she invited him to London for some personal tutoring at the On The Rise DJ Academy in London in July. Now, as any fan of Breakbeat will know, that particular academy is run by Terry Ryan (Atomic Hooligan) and Jay Cunningham (Sub Slayers bossman) so not only did he have Janette offering advice, knowledge, and tips, but also those guys as well. Just when you thought the day couldn’t get any better for him, word had got out that Kid Breaks was a huge Stanton Warriors fan (thanks to his dad), so to add to the already high level of tutorship he was receiving, Dominic Butler stopped by to also lend a hand with the others present, gave Kid Breaks a day he’ll never forget!

Here’s a short video of Kid Breaks impressing Terry as he learns to beat match. More videos of the day can be found on Kid Breaks Facebook page that is run by his dad with input from himself. (Facebook link can be found at the bottom of this page)


Chapter two of Kid Breaks eventful summer saw him get asked to play at the very awesome Green Meadows Festival in Peterborough which is where he is from but more on that in a mo. After the unsurprising acceptance of that gig, shortly after another offer of a gig came in from Manchester. Some friends of his dad and mine (we are best mates) were teaming up with a few other top Breaks nights from that area to have one big get together at the very scenic setting of The Old Pint Pot in the City of Salford. Of course, that offer was gratefully received and Kid Breaks headed north to join the crews of Lowdown, Fubar Breaks, Old Skools Most Wanted and Electrik Disco at the end of July and absolutely smashed it, with DJ’s with much greater experience being blown away by his natural talent and infectious energy he has while playing music he loves.

This picture pretty much sums up the mood of an amazing afternoon for Kid Breaks and those in attendance.


With his debut playing out to a crowd under his belt, it was then onto the Green Meadows Festival where he would be opening the dance tent on the Sunday ahead of top local House spinner Zoe Roberts, everyone’s favourite funky brother Pimpsoul and old skool rave legends Mark Archer (Altern-8) and MC Whizzkid. Not a bad lineup to have been on at all! Before all that though, Kid Breaks had been offered a short set in the Teenage Cancer Trust tent where he was given the role of ambassador for the weekend. That set went down so well he was offered another two sets on the Sunday ahead of the big one that evening and took everything in his stride, even going freestyle with his track selection and nailing the mix every time. Those three sets were very, very good but the main Sunday slot was the one to be remembered. I can give you a first-tale of the experience because I was there, alongside a tent full of other party hungry folk who danced their socks from start to finish with beaming smiles across their faces. With the impression he made that evening, you can be sure he’ll be returning next year!

Check out the first 30 minutes of Kid Breaks set at Green Meadows Festival here :


The final chapter in this current episode brings us to a heartwarming end as one of the Green Meadows team was so impressed he started up a Go Fund Me page to raise enough funds for Kid Breaks to buy some new equipment to aid his progress to the next level. James Green a.k.a Toy Beats is the very kind chap who got the ball rolling and he’s also helped Kid Breaks get a sweet deal on the new equipment he would like from Synthetic Pro Audio in Nottingham. That very shop has hosted a number of live DJ sets from its store, with well-known names stepping up behind the decks and now they’re giving Kid Breaks the opportunity to do the very same thing. We’ll keep you posted on when that goes down. Just to put a shiny gloss over this whole story, the head office at Go Fund Me got in touch with James to say they had been following the progress of this fundraiser and would like to help get the target reached and help progress Kid Breaks career further. They themselves have been touched by his story and the messages people have left with their donations, so with their help, you can expect to see and hear a lot more from a young lad whose energy, drive and love for music will take him to the top. The future is not only bright for Kid Breaks but Breakbeat also!

If you can and would like to donate to the worthy cause, please do so by Clicking Here. Once the target is reached, all further donations will be sent directly to the Cystic Fibrosis Trust.


Links for Kid Breaks :

Soundcloud / Facebook

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