Kimara Lovelace – Nobody But You (Disaffected Bootleg) [Free DL]

Bristol-based duo Disaffected have unearthed a forgotten-about house gem from the 90s and given it the mother of all breakbeat makeovers! Opening with an epic intro that’s almost 2-minutes long and is led by Kimara Lovelace‘s powerhouse vocal from her 1996 single Nobody But You, we’re then met with jungle-influenced drums that hit their heaviest around the halfway point which, as it turns out, is around the same time a filthy bassline enters the fray to complete what is an impressive slab of heavyweight breaks!

If this tune is rocking your world, you’re going to love hearing that there are plenty more heavyweight sounds over on Disaffected’s Soundcloud page so download, then dig!

Download for free here.

Links for Disaffected :

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