Knitebreed Remixes Vol Four

A league of legends (not the video game) shore up the Kniteforce perimeters with rave rockets at hand in the form of four banging Knitebreed rerubs!

Worldwide Epidemik – Citizens Of Earth (Ron Wells Remix)Mr Wells works his magic with a remix seemingly from his own back catalogue! A crisp Apache break, certified Jack Smooth synth wizardry and pure euphoria all in one!

Wislov – Rave In The Bunker (Jedi Remix)
Mr Jedi takes a rave lightsabre to Wislov’s original fueled by the power of Eurodance influenced strings and piano 92 style! Praga Khan-esque!

Ant To Be – Untitled Riddim (HSI Skewed Reality Version)If King Tubby made Hardcore, it might sound like this rub-a-dub riddim’ Jungle Tekno, reverse piano badmom ting!

Sunny & Deck Hussy – Dreaming (Ant To Be Remix)ATB sslices up the beats like a music making gourmet chef! This one’s loaded with atmosphere right from the get go, deep and rich all the way through like Liquid DnB meets 94 Hardcore! Decidedly different, incredibly good!

Available on vinyl with digital at Kniteforce Revolution while stocks last!

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