Knitebreed Remixes Vol One

Team Kniteforce goes into remix mode with four lovely vinyl EPs featuring remixes from the Knitebreed label!

TNO Project – Xenotransplantation (Hyper-On Experience Remix)

You can count on Hyper on Experience and to come up with jaw dropping productions and as always, this remix will require yet another jaw surgery!

HOE drops the mother of all remixes with intricate breakbeats, and blissful piano and a dash of cinematic flair!

Paul Bradley – Nobody Else (Beeno Remix)

Beeno effortlessly blends dub Reggae with oldskool jungle and hardcore in a remix that moves between sound system shaking vibes and those of the uplifting kind!

Wislov – My Mind In Your Eyes (Boykz and Chapman Remix)

Stuart Chapman delivers a punchy dose of his signature oldskool style with a tough, authentic 92 ‘ardcore remix with plenty of the essential ingredients ie hoovers!

The Timespan – Lovely Piano Song (Sunny & Deck Hussy Remix)

So that leaves it to Sunny and Deck Hussy who also keep it authentic with a more 94 influenced style similar to those excellent Naughty Naughty bootlegs ie House and Garage brewed through the Hardcore percolater with nice oldskool audio dynamics, killer riffs and warm analogue subs!

Available from Kniteforce Revolution 16/06/22

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