Kniteforce Pres Legends Vs Legends Vol 4 DJ Ham Vs New Decade

In the blue corner..Scratch that actually! Kniteforce brings together two heavyweights of Hardcore to remix each others tunes. New Decade takes on DJ Ham ‘Most Uplifting’ and DJ Ham takes on New Decade ‘Get The Message.’ Lets get rrrrreeaadyyyyyy to rave!

OK so thats the cheesy cliches out of the way, on to the tunes! New Decade rehauls the breaks from DJ Ham’s original and straps on some nicely stretched and diced new ones to give this remix a mule like kick.

Soon enough its time to melt into those pianos with extra epic strings and snippets of breakbeat and we have lift off! In essence, New Decade adds a bit of Jungle ruffness to the euphoric Hardcore original. The stabs get a makeover and Flava Flav and Mariah Carey make an appearance here and there, it’s a star studded remix and then some!

Lace up your best raving shoes and make sure they’re durable because DJ Ham has gone full throttle with his remix of ‘Get The Message.’ There really isn’t a moment to rest until that famous riff kicks in! The beats power along with a cool switch up on the Landlord stabs of the 92 classic. There’s even a cool bit where time stretched beats play to the main riff! The man known as Hamilton changes ‘Get The Message’ just enough to keep it fresh while balancing that fine act of remixing a much loved tune. The energy is incredible for sure!

Legends Vs Legends Vol 4 is available to purchase as part of ‘The Innovators Bundle‘ or individual¬†10″ Vinyl

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